BAA Consulting

Where innovation meets execution

Where innovation meets execution

we do

We integrate strategy, management, technology, and operational constraints into our consulting services. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach; we know every client, every scenario, from acquisitions to restructures, requires a unique solution.

How we
do it

We craft teams from our wide-ranging talent pool for every project, ensuring you get the most out of our collective skills and knowledge.

Commitment to excellence

Excellence isn’t just a goal — it’s a standard. We pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to deliver top-quality services and to support our clients through the most challenging circumstances.

Approach to challenges

We meet challenges head-on and communicate transparently. You can always expect from us honest opinions and direct handling of any situation.

Expertise in uncharted territories

We’re not just consultants, we’re explorers. We specialize in navigating uncharted territories, providing exceptional problem-solving expertise in the face of unprecedented challenges. With us, the unknown isn’t an obstacle, but an opportunity for innovation and unique solutions. We leverage our unique skill set to turn the unfamiliar into pathways for success, breaking new ground where others see only roadblocks. Our strength lies in exploring these unexplored contexts, discovering the hidden answers, and delivering results that exceed expectations.

Beyond consulting

We implement, we execute. Our distinct blend of in-depth expertise in management and technology is enhanced by an unwavering commitment. Not only do we provide strategic  counsel, but we also stand beside you in the trenches, guiding and  assisting in the operational execution. We believe in ‘walking the talk,’ ensuring our advices are not only practical but implemented  effectively. This hands-on approach enables us to accelerate projects,  enhancing stakeholder engagement and driving successful outcomes

Alfred Sawaya

President and co-founder

At the heart of technological innovation, I am a CTO consultant with recognized expertise in complex software engineering and cybersecurity. My passion for development and my in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by startups and scale-ups allow me to transform bold visions into operational realities. My ambition is to transcend the status quo, foster excellence, and propel your business to new levels of success.

Antoine Letissier

CEO and co-founder

With over 15 years as a consultant, I offer top-tier technical and managerial expertise. As a leader and team builder, I excel in  streamlining processes, enhancing client satisfaction, guiding projects to completion, and bolstering sales.

Bryan Stewart

CEO and co-founder

I orchestrate major transformations of information systems and lead the resolution of infrastructure crises. My experience includes large-scale projects, such as the design of a VDI-3D architecture for one of Europe’s largest industrial projects and the establishment of an innovative start-up specializing in modernizing information systems.